Riot Act

So after I finally made my first post about making Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies, my husband came home and read me the riot act because:

A) Why would I make my first post about a so-so recipe?

B) Why would I mess up a perfectly delicious pumpkin cookie (his No. 1 on the dessert list, by the way) by putting chocolate chips in it?

Well, thanks a lot, dear! I thought you’d be happy that I finally got off my lazy you know what and posted something (he actually was really happy I posted something) … I understand what he was trying to say, but I explained to him that not all recipes come out perfectly and that’s part of what I want this blog to be all about. This is a real-life kitchen where the dishes don’t always come out tasty and the photos are snapped quickly with my  iPhone — not a pseudo-professional-high-resolution-with-super-duper-crazy-lens camera and a food prep assistant on the side.

For me, presentation isn’t everything — the journey on the way to the yummy outcome is. So if you want to hear about what worked/didn’t work/what I substituted because I didn’t have it in the kitchen and already had a glass or two of wine and couldn’t run to the store so I made do, then you’ve found the right place. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for perfection, well, move right along, because that is definitely not what you’re going to find here! 🙂

I’m just lucky my husband loves me because of my imperfections. Stay tuned for some pictures and recipes from the this past weekend, when we ventured into grilling stuffed flank steak for the first time.

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