2014-01-25 10.36.22-1Hello and welcome! My name is Wendy Hernandez and I love to …

  • cook (I try to channel my inner Top Chef)
  • bake (folks at my office call me Betty)
  • drink (anything with alcohol will do)
  • drop F-bombs (I’ll try to keep it clean here)
  • make my family laugh (one of the easiest things to do)
  • live by the olas and wear my chanclas 365 days a year

For me, presentation isn’t everything — the journey on the way to the yummy outcome is. So if you want to hear about what worked / didn’t work / what I substituted because I didn’t have it in the kitchen and already had a glass or two of wine and couldn’t run to the store so I made do, then you’ve found the right place. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for perfection, well, move right along, because that’s definitely not what you’re going to find here!

For our family, life is all about being imperfectly perfect and this blog is where I’ve decided to share our simple happiness.

Let me know what you think by e-mailing me or leaving a comment. Thanks for stopping by!

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