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Olas & Chanclas | Sweet & Spicy: Dark Chocolate Chip Cayenne Cookies

After my disastrous roasted chicken fiasco last night (I will post about it because the flavors are amazing, but for some reason my chicken didn’t cook through and was pretty raw once we cut into it), I wanted to redeem myself. And it just so happened to be a torrential downpour today (yay, finally!), so I was hankering for some homemade cookies. Plus, just about every Friday the hubs has a meeting with his crew and he takes in something I’ve made for the guys to munch on and today he didn’t have anything, so I felt bad. I wanted to bake something and run it up to his office so they could indulge a little at the end of their day.

I’ve had this recipe pinned to my Sweet board for a while now and I gotta tell ya … if you like dark chocolate and spice, this little tasty nugget is for you.

Allow yourself some time, ‘cuz this spicy chocolatey goodness has to chill in the fridge for an hour before you can throw it in the oven.

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Olas & Chanclas | Dirty LaundryWho the hell dry cleans baby clothes? And who in their right mind would make baby clothes that require dry cleaning?

I don’t do laundry everyday, but I do have at least one load of laundry to do a day. Ya got that? Let me know if you don’t understand that nuttiness.

My kids’ clothes go in HOT (no matter what the color) because they’re germ monsters.

The clothes the hubs and I wear get sorted into darks and lights for cold and warm or hot loads (yup, special treatment because we don’t grow a few inches every few months, nor have we bought new clothes in years).

Unfortunately for my husband, I don’t take special care to check labels (if it’s in the pile, it’s going into the washer and probably straight to the dryer, unless he’s asked me to specifically hang something up because he doesn’t want it to shrink). Yes, that means many an item has been destroyed because it was left in the pile when it should have been pulled out for our semiannual trip to the cleaners.

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Olas & Chanclas | Roasted Marinated Mushrooms with Tortellini Pasta

OK, so the other day when we were at Costco I picked up a package of baby bella mushrooms because I’ve been on this kick to get different types of veggies into our family’s diet. Hands down, baby bellas are so much better than button mushrooms (as if you didn’t already know that).

Olas & Chanclas | Roasted Marinated Mushrooms with Tortellini Pasta

Baby Bellas!

I knew I had a few recipes pinned on my Sides & Salads board, but I needed a main dish because I didn’t have time to thaw my chicken thighs. When I realized I had a pack of tortellini in the fridge, I figured I could do something with both of them.

As luck would have it, I came across Roasted Garlicky Mushrooms with Pasta from I didn’t have capers and I didn’t have time to bug my neighbors for a hand-picked Myer lemon, so I decided to mash together the Marinated Mushrooms recipe from Dinners & Dreams and the pasta recipe. I know, I know — soooo inventive, right?

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