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Yup. Trailer. Trash. Tater. Tots. I’m not trying to insult anyone, I’m just stealing the name of a dish from The Shore (in San Clemente — I’d link to their page, but they don’t have one). They have Trailer Trash Fries (french fries, melted cheese, hot wing sauce [or Tabasco … can’t remember, it’s been a while!], pickled jalapenos, bacon and sour cream), which is my guilty pleasure (especially on a Sunday morning after staying up late drinking too much wine with the hubs). Well, today I was craving something greasy and cheesy (thanks, Aunt Flo! sorry, TMI), opened up the freezer and out popped the opened bag of tater tots with exactly just the right amount of taters for a single serving. I think I giggled with glee. Now, I didn’t take the time to fry up any bacon, and we prefer La Guacamaya over Tabasco, but I did have FRESH jalapenos and cilantro (both a staple in our fridge).

Yes. I. did. And I texted the hubs to gloat. Because this is what he missed out on:


Wipe the saliva off your chin and go turn your oven on to 450 so you can delight in this sinful little snack yourself!

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